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STECF - Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries

Data Dissemination

The JRC data dissemination tool provides access to data submitted by EU Member States to the European Commission under the provisions of the Data Collection Framework (Regulation (EC) 199/2008). Such data have been used by the STECF to respond to requests for advice from the European Commission and are made freely available via this dissemination tool in aggregated form for ease of access.

Accompanying each data series, are references to the relevant reports of the STECF where the same data are also published (see Final Reports section). It is important to refer to such reports in order to understand the context of the data available via this tool. Documentation on the data variables and their definitions together with a publication date are also provided.

It is also essential that you quote the source of the data used in any further analyses (reference to the appropriate STECF report).

Please note that the most-recently published STECF reports and associated "data tables" on economics (fleet, aquaculture, fish processing) and evaluation of fishing effort regimes, supersede any previously published reports and data tables.

Disclaimer: The data presented here are made available in the interests of transparency and can be freely used for further analyses provided the source is acknowledged. However, the JRC accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, quality and completeness of such data. Such responsibility lies with the Member State that provided these data and any queries regarding their accuracy, quality and completeness should be directed to the relevant Member State. Furthermore, users of these data need to be aware that they were provided in response to specific data calls under the DCF and as such may not be suitable for all types of analyses. Users need to be aware of the context that the data were provided and the JRC accepts no responsibility for their use.

Please note that the JRC is unable to respond to any requests for technical support on the use of the data dissemination tool or to respond to queries regarding the data it contains.


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