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STECF - Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries

Fisheries Dependent Information

Data dissemination on EU Fisheries Dependent Information

The data published on this page are the result of the 2023 DCF Fisheries Dependent Information (FDI) data call. The data provided by EU Member States during the data call were analysed during the STECF Expert Working Group on Fisheries Dependent Information (EWG 23-10). Before accessing the data, we strongly encourage to read the STECF report (STECF 23-10).

Disclaimer: Although the data published on this page were assessed by STECF, the quality and completeness of the data are under the responsibility of EU Member States.



  • Effort , landings , catches , capacity , biological
    The FDI data 2023 are disseminated as csv files in the zip files with read me text. Please read the read me text for information on the data that is disseminated.

    Disclaimer: discards amounts in the catches data are scientific discards estimates based on National sampling programmes that do not support the level of disaggregation requested by the FDI data call. The quality of discards estimates cannot be assured and should be used with caution, as these estimates might be uncertain and biased.

  • Spatial effort and landings data   [related to 2013-2022 data]

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In the dashboards, data are shown both in tabular and graphical format with the aim of allowing people to interact with data.