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STECF - Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries

STECF & Common Fisheries Policy

Scientific, Technical and Economic support to the Common Fisheries Policy

Commission Decision of 25 February 2016 setting up a Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF),
C(2016) 1084, OJ C 74, 26.2.2016, p. 4–10.

Here after the Articles of the legislation concerning STECF.



Members and rules of procedure, secretariat and experts information as well as call for application

Meetings calendar

Current and past EWG meetings dates and locations with detailed information on focals, chairs, terms of reference and subscription link

Final Reports

Collection of all reports released by the STECF and its predecessor the STCF

Data Dissemination

Public access to data after STECF plenary approval and related report publication

News and Communications

STECF news, DG MARE data calls, fisheries jobs at JRC recruitment on fisheries, DGMARE calls, and general communications

How to get involved

Registration, invitation, logistics, allowances, claims and declarations information

Upcoming meetings

Recent publications

General publications6 December 2023
STECF 23-16

Evaluation of Work Plans for data collection and data transmission Issues.

[ ]

This report was reviewed by the STECF at its 74th plenary meeting held in Brussels, Belgium, from 13-17 November 2023.

[JRC136208 ]

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General publications6 December 2023
STECF 23-17

Social Data in Fisheries

This report builds on earlier EWG results (19-03, 20-14, 22-14) and further develops the methodologies for the collection and analysis of social data in fisheries. In particular it addresses the development of National Fisheries Profiles (NFP) and advocates the development...

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General publications7 December 2023
STECF 23-14

Economic Report on the EU fish processing industry

[ ]

The 2023 Economic Report on the EU Fish Processing Sector provides a comprehensive overview of the latest information available on the structure and economic performance of the EU fish processing industry, from an economic and social...

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General publications7 December 2023
STECF 23-05

Fisheries Dependent Information (FDI) methodology

[ ]

This report on FDI methodology has been reviewed by STECF during the 2023 summer plenary meeting.

[ JRC134663 ]

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