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STECF - Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries

EU Fleet Economic performance

Data dissemination on the EU Fleet socio-economic performance

The objective is to represent the fishing fleets capacity of the different Member States of the EU. The data included is the result of the DCF data call 2023 (see metadata), they include information on economic indicators, such as Gross Value Added, Gross Profit, Operational Profit as well as on sustainable indicators, such as the reciprocal of fuel efficiency and fuel intensity. For previous year data please see on this web site 'Economic analysis' in 'Final reports' tab.

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General publications16 October 2023
STECF 23-07

The 2023 Annual Economic Report on the EU Fishing Fleet.

[ Annex.pdf ]   [ 258 MB]

The 2023 Annual Economic Report (AER) on the European Union (EU) fishing fleet provides a comprehensive overview of the latest information available on the structure and economic performance of the EU Member States fishing fleets. Should be noted that his year and in comparison with previous releases of the report, the base year is 2020 (including the forecast and nowcasting procedures).

[ JRC135182 ]