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STECF - Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries


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General publications20 June 2024
STECF 24-04

Evaluation of joint recommendations on the landing obligation, technical measures, and conservation measures necessary for compliance with obligations under Union environmental legislation

The meeting took place online 13-17 May 2024. STECF reviewed the results of the EWG in a two-day virtual...

General publications14 May 2023
STECF 22-13

Marketing standards: Review of proposed sustainability criteria/ indicators for aquaculture

[ Annex ]

EWG 22-13 met in Brussels, from 5-9th of September 2022. EWG 22-13 was a follow-up of EWG 20-05. EWG 22-13 focused only on aquaculture (while EWG 22-12 that was held in parallel focused on fisheries...

General publications15 February 2023
STECF 22-12

Validation of selected sustainability indicators and underlying methodologies for the revision of the EU marketing standards for fisheries products

[ Annex1, Annex2

EWG 22-12 met in Brussels, from 5-9th of September 2022. EWG 22-12 is a follow-up of EWG 20-05.

[ JRC132121 ]

General publications31 March 2023
STECF 20-04

Assessment and advice for non-quota stocks, to support the development of multi-annual strategies in the context EU-UK

EWG 22-04 met online from the 9th to the 13th of May 2022. EWG 22-04 was the first meeting of STECF on NQS.

[ JRC133282 ]

General publications23 April 2021
STECF 20-05

Criteria and indicators to incorporate sustainability aspects for seafood products in the marketing standards under the Common Market Organisation

The report of EWG 20-05 was reviewed by the STECF at its 66th plenary meeting held virtually from 22-26 March 2021. The STECF EWG 20-05 met on-line from...

General publications22 July 2020
STECF 19-19

Outermost Regions

[ Annexes ]

The working group was held in Brussels, Belgium, from 13 to 17 January 2020. The objective of the EWG 19-19 was to identify and prioritise specific issues for each EU Outermost Region (OR) regarding data collection, stock assessment, ecosystem knowledge, and social and...

General publications17 May 2024
STECF 24-01

Fishing effort regime for demersal fisheries in West Med - advancement to a unified bio-economic model

[ Annex I; Annex II ]

12th of a suite of STECF reports dedicated to the evaluation of the implementation of the Western Mediterranean Sea Multi-Annual management Plan (hereafter, MAP), following...

General publications17 July 2009

31st Plenary meeting report

STECF was hosted by the Institute of Food and Resource Economics (FOI), Copenhagen University, Frederiksberg (Denmark), from 13 to 17 July 2009.

[ JRC53317 ]

General publications13 November 2009

32nd Plenary meeting report

The STECF plenary took place at the Albert Borschette Building in Brussels from 9 to 1 November 2009.

[ JRC55699 ]

General publications30 April 2010

33rd Plenary meeting report

The STECF plenary took place at the Maids Head Hotel in Norwich (U.K.) from 26 to 30 April 2010.

[ JRC58540 ]